DAX Index Declined by 1.31%

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The German DAX stock index fell by 1.31% today and is trading at 12.862.50. The DAX index fell by 3.6% in November and is at the lowest level since October 2. The German economy continues to improve. Germany's GDP grew by 0.8% in the third quarter, recording the strongest quarterly growth since 2014. On an annual basis, Germany's economy grew by 2.8%.

The Eurozone trade surplus rose to EUR 25.0 billion from EUR 21 billion in August. Exports increased by 1.1% in September compared to the previous month, while imports decreased by 1.2%.

Markets are waiting for the publication of US economic data. It is forecast, that the consumer price index will grow by 0.1%, and the core consumer price index by 0.2%. It is also expected, that retail sales will grow by 0.2%.