US-China Business Relations Are Improving

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American companies are more confident that China will continue to open foreign investment in the coming years. The annual report of the American Chamber of Commerce in China shows that the state of bilateral relations between China and the United States is of critical importance for the development of trade and economic ties between the two countries and for the business climate in general.

The report notes that strong bilateral relations remain critical for business, and Chamber members hope for their development, but also express concern that the level of uncertainty in relations between the US and China is still high. According to 36% of respondents, bilateral relations have a good chance of improvement after the visit of US President Donald Trump to China in November 2017.

The report of the US Chamber of Commerce shows a significant increase in US companies' optimism about doing business in China, but about 46% of companies noted that state regulation is much more strict and unfair for them than for local companies. Last year, 55% of companies believed that they were unequal to local firms. First of all in 2017, companies complained about bans or restrictions on participation in a particular sphere of the market.