Trump Got Booed By Democrats Because of His Stand on Immigration

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Donald Trump has recently delivered a speech at the State of Union. In his speech, the President claimed lawmakers should aim towards bipartisan compromises. He also expressed his harsh stand on immigration policy, reiterating that there should be a border wall between the US and Mexico.

The Democrats were hoping the President will secure that immigrant children will not get deported. Instead, he claimed the government should set the exact limiting number of immigrant families that are allowed to come to the country. The majority expected Trump to address the Russia investigation case, but that obviously didn’t happen. As usually, Trump’s fellows-Republicans cheered for their leader, while Democrats simply sat there with a look of disappointment.

The President claimed his tax reform boosted economic growth and lowered unemployment rate. Apparently, he is also planning to reconstruct the infrastructure and the legislation should produce 1.5 trillion dollars, or even more.

Basically, the speech was all about unification and mutual work between Republicans and Democrats in favor of economic improvement. Market showed almost no reaction to the speech. DOW reduced and S&P 500 slightly lifted.