Stocks Start Recovering

Forex News
US equities are about to recoil after the streak of large declines. That is, recently DOW fell -1175.21 pts (-4.6%) at 24345.75. S&P 500 dropped -113.19 points (-4.1%) to 2648.94. NASDAQ was down -273.42 points (-3.78%) and closed at 6967.53. Some analysts say that stocks weakened due to possible policy changes from the Fed, particularly the potential rate hike in March. But, these kinds of unexplained market’s reactions to investors’ speculations are common and usually aren’t long-lived. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency crisis continues. Bitcoin closed near 6,000 dollars, which is 70% down from the December maximums and today it hit support for the for first in 3 months. As of other digital coins, Ripple has plunged 80% its January high. Further volatility is expected.