The DAX Index Weaker

Forex News

DAX has dropped 0.44% to trade at 12,230.44. Stocks keep recovering. For example, DOW increased 410 points (1.7%) to 24601 and Japan Nikkei lifted 0.8%. But, that’s not the case with European shares. Thus, investors remain concerned after the period of severe volatility. Overall, in February, the DAX fell 7.6%.

Angela Merkel officially declared the reformation of grand coalition after concluding the negotiation with Social-Democratic Party. The Chancellor claimed they are willing to create "the good and stable government that our country needs and that many in the world expect from us". SPD leader Martin Schulz will leave his leading position and take the place in the government. Yesterday, Merkel announced her concessions to the Social-Democratic Party. The Chancellor’s concessions suggest she should pass the finance minister foreign ministry. Merkel said it would be very difficult for her to do that.