China’s Government To Forbid VPNs?

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Chinese companies and consumers are nervous, as tomorrow’s they are about to be presented with a ban on non-state sanctioned VPNs (virtual private networks). The reason why they are so concerned is that regulators haven’t given much of needed information on the ban execution. The so-called VPNs can bypass China's Great Firewall and help businesses and consumers securing the access to information outside China and websites that are blocked in the country. But, the ban doesn’t allow using VPNs, that weren’t approved by the government.

Executives of different companies claim: "We're not expecting a sudden impact, but at the same time there is no clarity, it's not helpful"; "We have products that have been removed or reviewed in the past under similar laws ... we are fairly confident that there will be a discussion before there are any rash moves".

The Cyberspace Administration of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology delayed with a response to those statements. It seems that more resentment is coming towards China’s strict communist government.