Bank of Japan Has Appointed New Executive Director of International Affairs

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The Bank of Japan has appointed Shinichi Uchida as the new chief executive of the central bank for international affairs. The politician, who is one of the most influential central bank bureaucrats in monetary policy, will be responsible for communicating with other central banks on policy issues in the G20 and other global meetings.

Shinichi Uchida took part in the development of key strategies of the Bank of Japan, such as the adoption of negative interest rates and the control of the yield curve in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Bank of Japan has published the results of its regularly conducted survey. The Japanese Tankan Index, which measures the level of confidence in the economy among large processing companies, fell in the first quarter amid fears that the yen is strengthening, the stock market is falling and US trade measures are being taken.

Economists of the Bank of Japan reported that the index of sentiments of major manufacturers was 24, which is 2 points lower than the results of the previous poll. The decrease was noted for the first time in eight quarters.