Sentiments Are More Optimistic Now

Forex News

Geopolitical tensions were the highlight of this week, thus traders remain slightly concerned. US stock market became much more upbeat. Nikkei rose 0.67%. DOW was up 1.21% to 24483.05 but remained bounded under the short term resistance of 24622.3. S&P 500 was limited inside 2672.08 near term resistance. The majority is waiting for earning data. Today, the figures will come from JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. Projections have been revised up, as an impact of tax reform. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has broadly reinforced.

The situation with recent attacks in Syria has cooled down a little bit, but now everybody shifted attention to Donald Trump’s statement about TPP. The President ordered Larry Kudlow (White House economic adviser) and Robert Lighthizer (Trade Representative) to consider all the pros of re-entering the trade pact.