Single Currency Mildly Higher

Forex News

The Euro/Dollar pair rose 0.10% to trade at 1.2339. German Final Consumer Price Index reduced to 0.4%. Today, the US features UoM Consumer Sentiment. Recent FOMC protocol showed that members’ view about the economy and rate path hasn’t changed. Fed fund futures are still pricing in more than 95% odds of a June hike. Inflation was projected to pick up in the near term. Overall economic outlook has improved. Some issues, like trade tension with China, were mentioned as well.

German and French stocks have broadly softened due to reported news, suggesting that Syrian forces allegedly used chemical weapons against rebel positions last week. The United Nations Security Council meeting didn’t see the consensus as Russia put a veto on a US offer to investigate the attack. Donald Trump claimed that the US is ready to react. Russia fired back with a similar response.