South Korean Government Does Not Ruled Out Economic Partnership With North Korea

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Kim Dong-yeon (South Korea's Finance Minister) said the government is discussing funding for possible economic projects with North Korea, although any projects with Pyongyang should first be approved by the international community. Since North Korea is currently under the sanctions imposed by the US Security Council to stop nuclear weapons and missile programs, many believe that the two Koreans will embark on joint infrastructure projects once international sanctions against North Korea are abolished.

"We're internally carrying out preparations, in terms of what to prepare, and how to cooperate with the international community, and how to finance (possible inter-Korea projects)," Kim Dong-yeon told. "But we need support from the international community and need to watch the (upcoming) summit between the United States and North Korea," he added.

Finance Minister also stated, that there was a growth in the number of Chinese tourists in March although the services sector has not yet recovered from a drop in such visitors due to tensions between the two countries. But nevertheless, the minister did not cite any figures indicating an increase in the number of Chinese tourists in March.