UK Business Leaders Demand More Clarity About Brexit Plan

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The British Prime Minister Theresa May regularly holds meetings to discuss Brexit's strategy, investments and the government's industrial strategy. May gathered leaders of companies ranging from aerospace to retail along with Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Brexit Secretary David Davis for talks at 10 Downing Street.

Business chiefs have warned Theresa May that they urgently needed clarity on the government’s plans for Brexit to help them prepare their companies after the UK leaves the European Union in just 10 months. Business leaders emphasized their need for clarity and urged her to get on with the important decisions. They also discussed immigration and the need to keep Britain open to global talent.

However, it has emerged that the government’s Brexit white paper, which was expected to be published within weeks, could be delayed until after the crunch EU summit at the end of June. The delay of the document, which was intended to put the UK on the front foot in negotiations but is said to still be “riddled with red ink”, underlines the deep divides that continue to exist in cabinet over customs plans and the Irish border.

Following the results of the referendum held in 2016, Britain must leave the EU no later than March 29, 2019. Since last summer, London and the European Union are negotiating about the terms of "divorce." EU opposes the option of creating a full border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit.