China Ready To Make Things Up With US

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Chinese Commerce Ministry stated that China doesn’t want its trade tension with the US to get worse, adding that the negotiation saw some progress. The government plans to increase imports from America in order to lower the trade gap with the US of 375 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his trade advisors considered China’s proposal to import an extra 70 billion dollars in US agricultural and energy goods. But, it might not help to fix the whole situation. As we know, the US President claimed he would impose 150 billion dollars tariffs of Chinese exports. His cabinet promised to publish a final list of products next week and US Treasury Department is going to restrict Chinese investment in the US.

Gao Feng (Commerce Ministry spokesman) said the negotiation with U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He saw some progress and said China wants to import more from the US United States. Feng told: "There were discussions regarding specific areas of cooperation, including in-depth talks on agriculture and energy. China is willing to increase imports from the U.S. (as part of negotiations)".

Obviously, all the progress will be invalid if Trump decides to hit China with another bunch of tariffs.