Greece Confidently Building Its Economic Future

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According to a Greek government official, Greece is very hopeful that the EU will grant it with a debt relief. Today, Greece discussed a debt relief deal with its eurozone and IMF lenders in Paris. The official told: "We are weeks away from the completion of the bailout programme. There is no doubt that the programme will be completed successfully, that is, Greece will be able to regain sustainable and lasting market access beyond 2018 and 2019".

To avoid the same situation that was in Italy not so long ago, the official claimed: "It's important to design a strategy that will enable us to decouple Greek bonds from what is going on in the Italian bond market.”

Greece is planning to present the cash buffer to up to 23.7 billion dollars (20 billion euros). It will not change the current fiscal and reform targets. Loans extension is preferable too. The offer to link repayments to economic growth, that came from France, will be discussed by lenders as well.

The government is considering lowering taxes by around 700 million euros in 2019, and increasing spending on things like child poverty.