US President Will Shorten His Stay at G7 Summit

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It is reported that US President Donald Trump plans to withdraw from the G7 summit this weekend in Canada a little earlier, on the eve of negotiations with North Korea. Trump plans to hold the first meeting with North Korean leader on June 12. Trump will leave on Saturday morning, skipping sessions on climate change and the environment, and his assistant Everett Eissenstat will take his place.

The message came after Donald Trump accused Canada and France of imposing high duties on the US and. According to many analysts, Trump now avoids meeting face-to-face with the leaders of these countries (Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau).

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned he won’t sign the traditional concluding joint statement unless there’s progress on tariffs and other contentious issues. The European Union has said that it’s maintaining low expectations for the outcome.

The tensions have been particularly evident between Canada’s PM and US President. Justin Trudeau has been among the most vocal critics of the steel tariffs, describing the move as lacking common sense, in sharp contrast from the conciliatory tone he had taken since Trump’s election.