Will Donald Trump Activate The China Tariffs?

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A senior Trump administration official reported that the US President were going to meet with his top trade advisers to discuss tariffs upon China. The President said he will hit China with 50 billion tariffs pretty soon. The officials said the list of goods will be a little smaller than initially, as some products will be excluded and some added. Some claimed the list will cover around 50 billion dollars, with about 1,300 product categories, and dollar amount and quantity of goods might be altered.

President Trump might not implement the tariffs, but some officials say they expect him to do it tomorrow, with publication of a Federal Register notice. He also could delay the activation for another month or even 180 days. One official stated: "The president's trade team has recommended tariffs. If there are not tariffs, it will be because the president has decided that he's not ready to implement tariffs".