Angela Merkel Losing Her Authority In Coalition Government?

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Angela Merkel and her Bavarian allies didn’t manage to find a consensus over immigration, posing a threat of collapse of the recently formed government. Horst Seehofer, the head of Bavaria’s conservative CSU and Chancellor’s interior minister offered to send back migrants who have registered in other European states at the German border, but the offer was opposed, which caused the disagreement. Moreover, if Seehofer insists on his proposal, Merkel might fire him.

Alexander Dobrindt (a senior CSU lawmaker) stated: “From the next week we want migrants to be rejected at the border if they have already registered in another European country and should therefore go through the asylum procedure there”.

On Sunday, Christian Social Union will discuss should they neglect Angela Merkel and accept the new regulations. And if Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union don’t agree on the matter, a 70-year old alliance will be ruined and the new government will see a collapse. It’s only left to see what comes out of this dispute.