US-UK Next Week's Summit: What Will It Bring?

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US President Donald Trump is going to visit Great Britain next week. Trump's first visit to Britain as president comes at one of the most important junctures for Europe and the West since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union. Three-days working visit of Donald Trump to the UK will start on July 13.

When Donald Trump meets Queen Elizabeth next week, he will become the 12th US President that the monarch has met during her 66 years on the throne, the longest in British history.

It is possible that US President and UK PM will discuss trade relations, as Britain seeks closer trade ties with the United States to offset the disruption of leaving the EU on March 29, 2019. Trump’s visit to Britain faces mass protest marches. An online petition to stop the US President entering the UK has received almost two million signatures.

Even taking account of Trump's penchant for deal making, the visit is likely to be heavy on rhetoric about an increasingly lopsided "special relationship" and short on specifics such as the details of a post-Brexit trade deal. For supporters, Trump and Brexit offer the prospect of breaking free from what they see as obsolete institutions and rules that have weakened the United States and its allies relative to competitors such as China.