American Companies Working in China Oppose US Trade Tariffs

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Most US companies operating in China are against protectionist trade measures of Donald Trump. The survey, conducted between April 10 and May 10, showed, that almost 69% of the 434 respondents to the annual China Business Climate Survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai opposed tariffs, while just 8.5% backed them.

The survey also showed that while American companies continue to face challenges in China, 34% of respondents felt Chinese government policies toward foreign companies had improved, up from 28% last year. Meanwhile, 53% of companies increased investment in 2017, down from 555 the year before, highlighting a trend of reduced investment growth since a 2012 peak, when 74% of respondents said they had boosted investment in China.

For many months, the world's largest countries, the US and China, are in conflict, exchanging counter accusations of unfair trade policies and practices. This week, the US said it would impose 10% tariffs on an extra $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, from food products to tobacco, chemicals, coal, steel and aluminum.