Chinese Exports Are Expected to Remain Stable in July, Despite Growing Trade Tension

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Economists expect, that China’s exports wasn’t hit significantly in July, despite growing trade tension between US and China. Analysts say that tariffs on $34 billion of China's exports to the United States, which went into effect on July 6, so far are not having a significant impact on overall Chinese exports.

According to forecasts, exports are predicted to have risen 10% yoy in July, compared to 11.2% growth in June. Meanwhile, China's imports are expected to have risen 16.2% in July, picking up from 14.1% growth in June.

Markets will be closely watching the data on two-way trade between the world's two biggest economies, as well as China's trade surplus with the United States. China's overall trade surplus is forecast to fall to $39.33 billion in July, from $41.61 billion in June, though that amount would be China's second-highest surplus of the year.

Last week, Chinese government released a list of $60 billion in US goods that Beijing intends to hit with tariffs, in retaliation for Trump’s plan to impose duties on $200 billion in Chinese imports.