Debates on Italy's Budget Caused Pressure on Bond Market

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Giovanni Tria (Italy’s Economy Minister) has urged the ruling coalition's two political leaders to tone down their comments on the forthcoming budget, amid fears of a speculative attack on the nation's bond market.

Investors are concerned that tax cuts and welfare spending proposed by the ruling coalition of Di Maio's anti-establishment 5 Star Movement and Salvini's far-right League could send Italy's mountain of debt higher. Di Maio and Salvini have demanded that the European Union allow their new government to pursue a more expansive budget.

Italian government bond yields fell on Wednesday on market speculation that Italy may try to secure help from the European Central Bank in the event of a speculative attack. Yesterday, 2-year yields were last down 10 basis points at 1.19%. 10-year yields fell 5 bps to 3.13%, narrowing the gap over German Bund yields to 272 bps from 280 bps late on Tuesday.

Italy has the heaviest debt burden among major Eurozone economies (about 130% of gross domestic product). Italian 2019 budget is due to be outlined by the end of October and must be approved by the European Commission.