China Fully Ready To Slap The U.S. Back

Forex News

Chinese government stated that if the U.S. imposes further tariffs, China will be forced to retaliate. Recently, Donald Trump claimed he was going to put more tariffs on $200 billion of China’s goods and Gao Feng, China Commerce Ministry spokesman said: "If the United States, regardless of opposition, adopts any new tariff measures, China will be forced to roll out necessary retaliatory measures".

The two countries have already slapped each other with tariffs on $50 billion in both’s imports. The fresh package of US tariffs should target consumer products, including furniture, lighting products, tires, bicycles and car seats for babies. But the date for imposing is so far unclear.

As a response, in August China prepared a list of retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. imports, including liquefied natural gas and even certain types of aircraft.

Meanwhile, investors are anxious about any further moves, especially knowing how aggressive they could be from the US side and what big of a threat they carry for the global market. The only good thing about the whole situation is that Washington is ready to continue the discussion with Beijing.