U.S. Employment And Another Attack From Donald Trump

Forex News

U.S. stocks dropped, waiting for the NFP report. The data is expected to point out healthy employment and reflect strength of the economy. The sticky point, however, is wage growth.

Another news, investors were particularly curious about was Donald Trump’s attack against Japan. Many are convinced that the U.S. President will declare tariffs against this country and Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman had this to say about Trump’s policy: “the President sees a problem and even if he wraps up negotiations with our friends in North America and Europe, the trade uncertainty won’t necessarily end.” And, “seems that he is still bothered by the terms of U.S. trade with Japan.” He also told that Trump “described his good relations with the Japanese leadership,” but then added: ‘Of course that will end as soon as I tell them how much they have to pay.'”

Meanwhile, US-Canada talks resumed with no particular concession. The Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism is still the most important and controversial topic.