China's Slowing Economy Causes Pressure on Pollution Control Efforts

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Earlier this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to use the full might of the Communist Party to tackle the country's longstanding environmental problems, but the government is also trying to ensure the war on pollution does not disrupt an already slowing economy.

Last week, Li Ganjie (China Minister of Ecology and Environment) told officials that China's clean-up campaign was becoming "increasingly complex". Li also said China would draw up more detailed guidelines to help prevent such behavior this year, and would also establish dedicated investigative teams to help eliminate the practice.

China's pollution control efforts are coming under increasing pressure from the nation's slowing economy. China's economy experienced its slowest quarter since 2009 from July to September this year, with gross domestic product rising 6.5% compared to a year earlier. Industrial profits also slowed for the fifth consecutive month in September.