US Dollar and Euro Stay the Strongest Currencies for a Week

Market Reviews

The US dollar and the euro remain the strongest major currencies in a week. Euro rose after the release of the ECB protocol, which pointed to a possible increase in the interest rate. The Japanese yen weakened amid the growth of Treasury bonds. The US 10 year yield rose to a two-month maximum and closed at 2.37.

World stock indexes fell. DOW lost 158.13 points, or 0.74% and closed at to 21320.04. The S&P 500 fell by 22.79 points, or 0.94% to 2409.75. The NASDAQ closed lower at 61.40 points, or 1.0% at around 6089.46.

The NFP report of the USA will be at the center of attention today. Economists expect labor market growth of 173k in June. It is expected, that the unemployment rate remains unchanged at 4.3%.