The Greenback Is Getting Better, Tax Bill To Be Changed

Market Reviews

USD has strongly recommenced, but the improvement might be short-lived. The single currency is the firmest as Angela Merkel agreed on forming a Grand coalition with SPD. Britain and European Union discussed the issue of Ireland’s border. But, participants, particularly Liam Fox (UK's international trade secretary), came to conclusion that this question won’t be answered until trade agreement is set. Fox also blamed EU in not willing to work on the agreement. This week, the US Senate will present the final version of the tax bill. There are likely to be some changes in the bill in order to get more votes.

This week, Eurozone will publish Consumer Price Index flash, US will announce PCE and ISM, Japan will show CPI, Fed will release Beige Book economic report, Janet Yellen will deliver her testimony, Britain will announce PMI and Canada will feature employment numbers.