Greenback Recovered, Loonie and Aussie The Weakest

Market Reviews

The greenback has reinforced. Donald Trump stated that Jerusalem should be Israel’s capital instead of Tel-Aviv. Market’s reaction was subdued. Loonie is at position of the second softest currency. As expected, Bank of Canada didn’t moved its rate from 1.00%. Members showed appreciation of strong employment, but also were concerned about weakening labor market. GDP projection was lifted. Australian Dollar is the third softest currency, burdened by GDP and trade balance data. Trade surplus dropped to 0.11 billion Australian dollars. Exports reduced 3% and imports increased 2%.

Meanwhile, 19 members of UK parliament claimed that Theresa May should not fulfill the Northern Ireland demands, as it may interfere with the whole divorce process. The International Monetary Fund released assessment of China’s financial system stability. Members said that “the system's increasing complexity has sown financial stability risks”, adding that "holding more capital would strengthen the banking system and bolster financial stability." Bank of China disagreed with the statement.

Swiss will publish unemployment rate and foreign currency reserves, Eurozone will announce Gross Domestic Product of the third quarter and Germany will present industrial production. Canada will show building permits and Ivey PMI, the US will feature jobless claims.