US Yields Gain Boosted Greenback

Market Reviews

US shares, such as DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, have once again reached their maximums. Treasury yields also showed a decent improvement. 10 year yield lifted 0.066 to 2.546. The correction from 2.621 has probably ended at 2.034. Increase from that area is aligning a repeat test of 2.621 resistance. Firm breach will extend the uptrend from the minimum of 1.336. This in turn boosted the USD index, which got back over 92.5. Thus, the weak greenback is about to recover.

Philip Hammond (UK Chancellor of Exchequer) and David Davis (Brexit Secretary) issued a joint article for German newspaper, where they talked about the necessity of a collaboration between British and European finance regulators after Brexit so that financial stability would be secured by both sides.

Rating agency Brief Moody's projects Asia Pacific emerging markets to increase 6.5% this year. Frontier economies should rise 5.9%. Advanced economies are expected to lift 1.8%. India and China will maintain the position of economies with the fastest growth. China Consumer Price Index edged higher to 1.8% yoy last month. Purchasing Price Index reduced to 4.9% yoy. Today, Britain will release productions, import prices and trade balance. Canada will announce building permits.