Single Currency Recovered After ECB Protocol

Market Reviews

US shares have once again hit their maximums. DOW increased 205.6 points (0.81%) at 25574.73. S&P 500 rose 0.7% and NASDAQ was up 0.8%. WTI crude oil grew to 64.77 high. The yellow metal also looks sustained, consolidating near 1320. Dollar remains soft but today’s Consumer Price Index release might giver currency a boost. Meanwhile, the single currency is reinforced by ECB December meeting protocol, which indicated that members are ready for some policy tightening.

William Dudley (New York Fed President) claimed that tax reform will bring some losses. He acknowledged that growth is pretty much steady and current policy fits economic condition, but cautioned that there are likely to be some significant obstacles in the near term. Robert Kaplan (Dallas Fed President) shares the same view as the New York Fed President.

China trade surplus rose to 54.7 billion dollars (362 billion Yuan). Today, the US is announcing Consumer Price Index and retail seals.