EUR/CHF’s Bullish Prognosis

Technical Reports

If 1.1584 support is present, short term prognosis remains bullish. Running medium term lift from 1.0629 should reach the key level of 1.2. Following pivot points include: (S1) 1.1630; (P) 1.1665; (R1) 1.1684.

According to bearish divergence in 4 hour MACD, strong breach of 1.1584 will suggest short term reversal and cause retreat towards 1.1355 support and lower.

A long term growth keeps expanding. EUR/CHF will align 1.2000. If support 1.1355 stands, this prognosis prevails. Breach of 1.1355 will suggest medium term top formation. The cross might hit 55 week EMA and even lower.