Corrective Fall in EUR/AUD Continues

Technical Reports

Trading of the cross is neutral. The corrective decline from 1.5770 goes on. Overcoming of 1.5226 will indicate trend reversal and target support 1.4949. Pivot points are at: (S1) 1.5229; (P) 1.5284; (R1) 1.5317.

Overcoming of minor resistance 1.5430 will indicate completion of the correction and trading will back to the upside for retesting of resistance 1.5770.

Corrective drop from 1.6587 has completed at 1.3624. Overcoming of 1.5226 will indicate trend reversal. The pair can retest key resistance 1.6587. Overcoming of 1.6587 will resume a long term growth from 1.1602.