EUR/GBP’s Firm Support

Technical Reports

Trading of the cross remains slightly on the downside to the minimum of 0.8666. Sustained breach in that zone will extend the intact drop from 0.9305. The key support of 0.8303 will be aligned. Following pivot points include: (S1) 0.8703; (P) 0.8712; (R1) 0.8727.

Over 0.8749, the firm support from 0.8686 will be in focus and trading will turn up on the upside to 0.8796. Breach in that area will head towards 61.8% retracement of 0.8967 to 0.8666 at 0.8852 and higher.

Sustained breach of 0.9304/5 will indicate restoration of an uptrend. Diapason trading will resume with a possibility of larger decline. EUR/GBP might align a repeat test of 0.8303 level. Firm support from the cluster support of 0.8116 should restrain downside.