USD/CHF Continues To Lose Upside Impulse

Technical Reports

Trading is on the upside for resistance 1.0037, considering minor support 0.9982. The pair is losing some upside momentum. Pivot points are at: (S1) 1.0018; (P) 1.0036; (R1) 1.0070.

Overcoming of minor support 0.9982 will point out a short term topping, and trading below that level will become neutral for consolidation. Overcoming of 1.0037 will extend the growth from 0.9186 and aline key resistance level 1.0342.

A medium term fall from 1.0342 has completed down to 0.9186, and growth from that point is currently viewed as a leg inside the long term range pattern. While further increase is expected as long as 0.9648 resistance turned support keeps, upside should be bounded by strong resistance from 1.0342.