Further Rise In AUD/USD Is Not Excluded

Technical Reports

Trading is on the downside for support 0.7143. Corrective growth from 0.7084 has completed at 0.7314. Pivot points are at: (S1) 0.7183; (P) 0.7226; (R1) 0.7248.

As further growth is not excluded, upside should be limited below resistance 0.7361. Overcoming of 0.7143 will resume larger fall from 0.8135 through low 0.7084. Downtrend resumption is possible.

A corrective medium term recoil from 0.6826 should be completed at 0.8135. Break of resistance 0.7361 will be the first sign of a medium term bottoming. Break of 0.6826 will aline key support 0.6008. Downtrend resumption from 1.1079 is still expected.