Consolidation In USD/CHF

Technical Reports

Trading tone is neutral for consolidation. Still, further growth is expected, while support 0.9848 keeps. Pivot points are at: (S1) 0.9940; (P) 0.9961; (R1) 0.9981.

Overcoming of 0.9848 will point out trend reversal and turn the forecast bearish. Trading above 0.9980 will extend the growth from 0.9541 to key resistance 1.0067.

The growth from 0.9186 is likely resuming, as the pull back from 1.0067 has completed at 0.9541. Overcoming of 1.0067 will bring retest of key resistance 1.0342. Upside should b limited by strong resistance from 1.0342. Another medium term fall to extend long term range trading is awaited.