Growth Completion In GBP/JPY

Technical Reports

Trading is on the downside for support 142.59, as break of 145.67 resistance turned support suggests completion of the growth from 139.88 at 149.70. Pivot points are at: (S1) 145.39; (P) 145.90; (R1) 146.50.

Overcoming of support 142.59 will aline low 139.88. Hitting of 147.57 will indicate completion of the drop from 149.70. A near term forecast will stay mildly bearish even in case of recovery

It is forecast, that a medium term growth from 122.36 would extend through high 156.96. The cross has successfully defended 139.29 cluster support (50% retracement of 122.36 to 156.59 at 139.47). This forecast will stay preferred while a near term support 145.67 keeps.