Widening Of Correction In USD/CHF

Technical Reports

Trading is mildly on the downside and correction from 1.0128 is possibly extending. Pivot points are at: (S1) 0.9903; (P) 0.9925; (R1) 0.9951.

Downside should be contained by 0.9848. Trading above 0.9989 will turn trading back to the upside. Hitting of 1.0008 will bring a test on high 1.0128. Strong support from support 0.9848 should bring trend reversal.

Overcoming of 1.0128 will aline key resistance 1.0342. Meanwhile, the medium term growth from 0.9186 hasn’t completed yet. Hitting of support 0.9848 will dampen this bullish view and turn focus back to key support 0.9541.