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About SFX Markets

Founded in 2011 by financial experts with over 100 years of combined experience, SFX Markets aimed to provide unique and innovative financial services to retail and institutional traders around the world. Today, our award-winning company has thousands of traders, hundreds of affiliates and white-label partners, and over $20 million in client deposits. We invite you to join us on the way to mutual success!

Our primary goal is to popularize FIX Protocol trading that allows traders with different financial experience to trade in a professional manner. The FIX Protocol allows traders to connect directly to liquidity providers to significantly improve trade execution speed. FIX trading was formerly available only to institutional traders with deposits of more than $500,000, but we now offer it to clients with deposits as low as $100,000. If you’re a news trader, scalper or even an HFT trader that requires high execution quality, then our trading solutions are exactly what you need!

Our Advantages

  • Segregation of client funds
  • No fees on deposits
  • Spreads as tight as 0.1 pips
  • FIX Protocol trading from $100,000
  • 85 trading instruments
  • Fast STP execution
  • Highly-qualified support team
  • Minimum deposit as low as $300
  • Minimum lot size as low as 0.01

Our Business Model

SFX Markets is a next-generation investment brokerage company that provides its clients with direct access to Interbank liquidity supported by the most modern and innovative technologies in the financial trading industry. SFX Markets’ brokerage model is built on the execution of customer transactions directly to the market by the use of Straight Through Processing (STP) technology. We guarantee that every client transaction of 1000 c. u. or more will be processed at the highest level, with virtually no restrictions on the maximum size traded.

SFX Markets Business Model

Our Services

We offer our clients and partners innovative and flexible trading solutions to help them run a productive, comfortable and profitable business. For clients trading their own accounts, we offer multiple account types and trading platforms, as well as the best Interbank prices and fast execution. For asset managers, we offer SFX Trade Leaders Pro — a unique social trading platform with a flexible commission structure. We also offer competitive commissions to our affiliates and White Label partners. All our clients and partners can rely on our high-quality customer support and fast processing of account withdrawals.

True FX

SFX Markets is one of only six brokers that offer clients the ability to trade on TrueFX prices. TrueFX is a product of Integral, the well-known technology provider, and it allows our clients to access Interbank pricing and liquidity from the largest market-making banks and financial institutions. The use of this technology guarantees that our clients get the best real-time market prices to trade on. Learn more...

Funds Safety

At SFX Markets, we understand how important it is for all traders and investors to feel secure that their deposited funds are safe and protected. We pay great attention to this subject and act with all necessary diligence to guarantee our clients the highest level of security for the funds they have entrusted to us so that they can operate in the financial markets with greater confidence. Learn More...

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