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Key Fund Protection Factors

SFX Markets understand that all traders and investors require assurance that their trading account funds are kept in safe hands. Accordingly, the safety of our clients’ funds remains a top priority for SFX Markets. We assure the security of the funds held on behalf of clients with the following six factors:

Funds Safety Scheme

Factor 1 Segregation of Client Funds

SFX Markets keeps all client funds safely and fully segregated from its corporate funds. Our clients can rest assured that their money placed on deposit in their trading accounts will not be used for any unauthorized purposes.

Factor 2 Reliable Liquidity Providers

We source trading liquidity for our clients without delays or service interruptions directly from top-tier market-making banks such as Barclays and BNP Paribas. This technology protects our clients from losses due to technical issues.

Factor 3 STP Orders Processing

SFX Markets uses STP technology to process all client orders automatically without human intervention. This assures our clients that human errors on our side will not result in losses or diminished profits in their trading account.

Factor 4 Account Loss Limit

Our clients can restrict trading in their account if its equity falls below a limit they set in advance called an “Account Stop Loss”. This rare feature provides our clients with another useful way to limit risk in their trading accounts.

Factor 5 Strict Identity Verification

We use stringent identify verification procedures to ensure that all financial operations for an account occur with proper authorization from its owner. We also do not allow outgoing or incoming third party payments.

Factor 6 No Conflict of Interest

Straight-Through-Processing (STP) order technology assures clients that we never profit from their losses by taking the other side of their trades. This means that no conflict of interest exists between clients and our brokerage company.

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