The Idea Is Simple

Successful traders’ transactions are duplicated in investor accounts for a commission paid to the trader.

Trade Leaders Program

Our social trading solution is the first to take into account the needs and protect the interests of both investors and traders.

Advantages for Traders.

SFX Trade Leader’s flexible commission structure allows you to assess fees based on trading performance, management, and trading volume parameters.


You can use any new or existing MetaTrader account that you have opened with any broker as the Master Account for investors to follow.


You can allow investors to select their own risk tolerance by setting a different Lot Multiplier for their duplicated transactions.

Advantages for Investors.
Wide choose.

Adjust the risk profile of your investment account by choosing traders with the most suitable Investment Offers for your specific risk tolerance.

Detailed reports.

Obtain a variety of detailed reports for every Master and Investments account by using the Private Office and the SFX Markets website.


Limit losses by appropriately adjusting your account’s Stop Loss parameter that sets the minimum account equity to halt further trading at.


STP Highlights Scheme


Trade Leaders may have several Master Accounts to send signals to their followers. Each Master Account may have several associated Offers with different conditions.
An Offer’s Investment period specifies the minimum time period that an investor agrees to follow the Trade Leader. The Investor cannot withdraw funds before that period is over, if not authorized to do so by the Trade Leader, except for profits previously earned.
An Offer’s commission structure sets values for a Performance Fee as a % of profit earned, a fixed Managed Fee for each Investment period, and a Volume Fee per lot traded. Investors pay such fees to the Trade Leader at each Trading Period’s end.
Investors can set up several Investment Accounts, with each account connected to one Offer in which trades are executed to follow a Trade Leader’s Master Account. An Investor can limit their maximum loss for each account.

Comission Structure

One of the key features of social trading at SFX Markets is the notable flexibility in its commission structure.

An offer’s commission structure can include the following fees:

Perfomance Fee
The Part Of Profit
This performance-based commission will generally be expressed as a percentage of profits earned from trades executed during the Investment Period.
Volume Fee
Payment Per Traded Lot
This commission is based on the Trade Leader’s dealing volume during the Investment Period and is usually expressed as a fee per lot traded.
Managed Fee
Fixed Payment
Typically expressed as a fixed payment per investment period, this commission compensates the Trade Leader for managing the trades being followed.

Each Trade Leader can set up various commission structures in the Offers they create to appeal to different investors. This commission flexibility is very innovative among social trading platforms.

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