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How to Become An Investor

Becoming an investor with SFX Markets so that you can follow the trades of a variety of profitable and experienced Trade Leaders could hardly be easier. To become an investor you need to complete the following four simple steps:

Become Investor Scheme

Step 1 Register with SFX Markets

Complete a simple registration form located here and open a Individual, Corporate or Joint Account with SFX Markets. You can then access SFX Markets’ services and accept offers from Trade Leaders to mirror their trades.

Step 2 Fund Your SFX Personal Account

Make sure you have enough funds available in your SFX Personal account before you try to open an Investment account. You can add funds to your Personal Account and perform other account operations by visiting this page.

Step 3 Select Master Account & Offer

When registering an Investment Account, you will need to choose a Trade Leader’s Master Account to follow in your own account, plus the Investment Offer that contains the fees you will pay for the Trade Leader’s services.

Step 4 Fund Your Investment Account

You now need to enter an initial investment amount that will be deducted from your SFX Personal account and credited to your Investment account. This amount will be used to mirror trades made by your chosen Trade Leader.

Your Next Step

Now that you have set up an Investment account to follow an SFX Trade Leader transactions, here are some examples of what you can do next as an Investor:

  • Watch trades made in your Investment account. Use the Private Office to watch as transactions are automatically made in your Investment account mirroring those of your chosen Trade Leader. You can also access detailed trading statistics and chart data for your Investment account.
  • Limit Losses. You can set the maximum allowed risk limit on your SFX Investment account using the StopLoss safety feature. This allows you to set the minimum account equity at which all automatic trading in your account must cease.
  • Investment Period. Accepting a Trade Leader’s Offer means you agree to invest funds for a fixed Investment Period as specified in their Offer. You cannot then withdraw funds from your Investment account without your Trade Leader’s authorization until that Investment Period ends, other than profits earned in the previous Investment Period.
  • Choose an Offer. Once an Investment Period ends, a new one begins. If you prefer not to extend your subscription with a Trade Leader simply void the “Next Offer” parameter of your investment account. If you wish to switch your current Trade Leader for another, simply change the “Next Offer” parameter to reflect that so that the new Offer you choose will be used for the next Investment Period.
  • Withdrawal of Funds. Profits made during the previous Investment Period can be withdrawn while an Investment Period remains active. Withdrawing amounts greater than a profit requires you to wait until the Investment Period expires and void the “Next Offer” parameter of your investment account. To make a withdrawal, you need to request an “Internal transfer” in Private Office on the “Operations with Trading Accounts” page.
  • Closing Your Investment Account. You can only close your Investment Account when you have no active Offer. To do so, you typically need to void the “Next Offer” parameter of your account and wait until the current Investment Period expires, although some Offers allow you to unsubscribe immediately.
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