How to become a Trade Leader

Become Trade Leader Scheme
Step 1
Register With SFX Markets
Step 2A
Create New MT4 Trading Account
Step 2B
Use Existing MT4 Trading Account
Step 3
Install The Copy Tool Software
Step 4
Create Investor Offers
Step 1

Register with SFX Markets

Register by completing the simple form located here and choosing a suitable account type, such as a personal, corporate or joint account. Once verified, you can access our services and register an SFX Master Account.
Step 2

Register SFX Master Account

Complete this form to register an MT4 account with any broker as an SFX Master Account to send trading signals to investors. You will need to enter your account number and a brief trading strategy description.
Step 3

Install the Copy Tool Software*

You must now install Copy Tool. This special MT4 Expert Advisor will send relevant data about your trades performed in your Master Account to our server so that they can be duplicated in each of your investors’ accounts.
Step 4

Create Investor Offers

Now create offers for investors to accept so they can follow your trades. Each offer sets your terms like: service fees, minimum account size and required investment period. A variety of offers appeals to more investors.

* Not required in case you send signals from SFX Markets Account.

After Registration Steps

Now that you have set yourself up as an SFX Trade Leader and created some Investor Offers, here are some additional examples of what you can do:

Continue to trade in your MT4 account like before.

With your permission, all of your relevant trading data will be automatically uploaded to our server and displayed on our website to attract new investors for you. Clients will also receive a weekly newsletter with this information.

View, create and edit your Offers.

The terms and conditions governing your relationship with investors are contained in the Offers you create and publish. They include such things as: the commission you charge, the minimum account size you will accept, and your required investment period, in addition to various minor parameters. New Offers can be created at any time, and existing Offers can be edited, although changes will have a delayed effect.

Obtain clients.

When an investor accepts one of your Offers, the first specified investment period begins in their account, and you will receive your commission after it ends. Investors pleased with your performance will typically renew your relationship for another investment period. They cannot withdraw profit earned in the current investment period without your permission, although investors can withdraw profits from a previous period.

Edit your commissions.

Each of your offers includes up to three types of commissions you can charge investors for your services. These include: a Performance Fee expressed as a percentage of the profit earned in the investor’s account, a Managed Fee expressed as a fixed payment per investment period, and a Volume Fee expressed as a fixed payment per every traded lot of 100 000 c.u. You will receive the appropriate commissions once each investment period ends on your investors’ accounts.

Enjoy bonus opportunities.

If you wish to boost your income even further, you can attract investors to join the SFX Trade Leaders program and receive US$1 for every lot traded in their accounts! These bonus commissions are paid on the first day of each month that the investors you attract remain active.

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