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How It Works?

SFX Markets has developed a unique social trading platform for asset managers known as SFX Trade Leaders Pro. You can send signals from any of your existed MT4 accounts to subscribed investors and get commissions for your services. In comparison to other similar offers, our social trading service offers several unique advantages that include the protection of your account against being copied without authorization, a guaranteed minimum investment time, and a customizable commission structure.

Asset Manager Scheme

Advantages of The SFX Asset Managers' Program

Earn Extra Income From Your Trading

Make significant additional earnings from your successful trading activities with only a minimal additional effort by charging a commission on transactions executed by your followers.

Set a Custom Fees Structure

Asset managers can create their own customized commission fee structure for their followers, which can include a managed fee, a performance fee and a volume fee.

Personal Manager At Your Service

Always glad to assist our partners, our experienced customer support specialists remain at your service around the clock on every weekday to handle your questions promptly.

Best Trading Conditions

We provide all of our asset managers with direct Interbank dealing spreads and fast STP trade execution to make sure you enjoy the most optimal trading conditions.

Use Any MT4 Trading Account

In order for asset managers to send trading signals to their followers, they just need to set up a MetaTrader4 account or use an existing one that can be opened with any broker.

Minimum Investment Period

All investment accounts allow asset managers to set a minimum investment period to determine whether or not followers can withdraw their investment amount before that period ends.

Commission Structure

One of the most innovative and important features of our SFX Trade Leaders product is the flexibility asset managers have in setting up commission structures for investors. For example, an asset manager could create several Offers with different commission structures designed to appeal to a variety of investor types. Each Offer’s commission structure can include the following fees:

Performance Fee
The Part
Of Profit

This fee is generally expressed as a percentage of profits earned by the asset manager during the period for which the investor follows their trades.

Volume Fee
Payment Per
Traded Lot

This fee is generally computed as a fixed fee charged per each lot traded by the asset manager during the Offer’s Investment Period.

Managed Fee

Asset managers can charge a fixed fee per Investment Period to cover the time they spend analyzing, executing and managing trades during that period.

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