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How It Works

SFX Markets allows individuals and companies to earn money without investment. You can offer our services to your friends, partners and clients and earn a commission on every single trade made on their account or even part of their income. We offer fair and profitable conditions for Introducing Broker (IB) partners that allow them to receive an income from clients they introduce to our company that depends on the quality and quantity of clients they attract.

SFX Markets IB Program Scheme

We value our partners greatly and always pay close attention to their opinions. If you have any proposal or wish to work together on different terms, we will gladly consider your offer. Feel welcome to contact us with any questions, comments or proposals.

Advantages of the SFX IB Program

Earn Up To $12 Per Lot Traded By Referrals

SFX Markets pays up to US$12 per lot traded in your referred clients’ accounts depending on the client’s account type and the number of active clients in your referral group.


Feel welcome to offer us your own IB conditions! We remain open to negotiating customized conditions to make our collaboration mutually profitable.

Personal Account Manager

Our friendly account management staff remains at your disposal around the clock on business days. Feel welcome to contact them if you need assistance.

Get 50% Of Sub-IBs Income

In addition to the earnings from clients you introduce, you will also receive half of the commission income your sub-partners earn from the trades of clients they introduce.

Unique Products And Promo Materials

Clients seem easier to attract when offered something new and unique. We provide promotional materials upon request for our products that may interest your clients.

We Cover Your Expenses

You can negotiate payment from us for all or part of your reasonable expenses for promoting our services, including office rental and participation in expos.

Partnership Conditions

SFX Markets offers a flexible and multi-level commission program for partnering with its Introducing Brokers (IBs). You can start earning commissions with the very first client you attract.

In this IB program, you will have three primary ways to increase your commission income. Your commissions will grow by attracting:

  • Higher quality clients,
  • More active clients that make at least one trade per calendar month, and
  • Sub-partners who in turn attract active clients.

The table below lays out the specific commission terms of this IB partnership offer:

Conditions Bronze Silver Gold
Client Level 1st Level 2nd Level 1st Level 2nd Level 1st Level 2nd Level
MICRO 6.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 9.0 USD/Lot 4.5 USD/Lot 12.0 USD/Lot 6.0 USD/Lot
ECN 2.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 1.5 USD/Lot 4.0 USD/Lot 2.0 USD/Lot
ISLAMIC 1.0 USD/Lot 0.5 USD/Lot 2.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot
ECN.PRO 1.0 USD/Lot 0.5 USD/Lot 2.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot
INVEST.TL 1.0 USD/Lot 0.5 USD/Lot 2.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot
FIX 1.0 USD/Lot 0.5 USD/Lot 2.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot 3.0 USD/Lot 1.0 USD/Lot
Requirements No requirements 20 active clients 40 active clients

* Active client - client who made at least 1 trade during previous month.

** Conditions negotiable. In case you prove you have big potential we can grant you with special conditions. Do not hesitate to ask by sending email to info@sfx-markets.com.

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