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The long-term relationships we have built with financial industry leaders around the world helps us deliver high quality technological and product solutions to our valued clients. Furthermore, we consider our partners an important part of our team that plays a significant role in our future growth as a company.

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Partnership Offers

We believe in the importance of having a strong partner working by your side. Our team of highly-qualified customer support specialists works around the clock to provide our partners with everything they need to operate and take their business to the next level. We currently have several partnership offers:

SFX Markets

We offer those interested in partnering with us as Introducing Brokers good rebates up to US$12 per lot traded based on their sales.

SFX Markets
White Label

White Label partners receive very tight spreads, low volume-based commissions, and help setting up infrastructure like a website or private office.

SFX Markets

For asset managers, we provide our innovative social trading platform featuring a flexible commission structure and minimum investment periods.

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