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The Privacy Policy of the SFX Global Ltd. (the Company) details how Client’s personal data is collected, stored, used and protected while using the Company’s site and services.

Furthermore, it analyses the types of personal data collected, how Client personal data is used, why and with whom the data is shared it and how the security of the data is ensured.

By visiting and using the site, you agree with this Privacy Policy.

The Company follows with respect to the safety and security of personal information of all present and future Clients and site users, on this basis the Company undertakes and guarantees the security and confidentiality of the provided data.

Data Acquisition – description of Personal Data collected

The Company, with the help of sites, services and authorized agents, may collect several types of information about its Clients.

  • Personalized information to open an account, such as name, address, date of birth, passport data, etc.
  • Financial information on bank accounts, transfer statistics, etc.
  • Documents to confirm an identity, such as passport, founding documents, power of attorney, bank statements, etc.
  • Site traffic data by IP Address, site visit personalization by Cookies, etc.

In accordance with the recommendations of Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, customer card details are protected using Transport Layer encryption — TLS 1.2 and application layer with algorithm AES and key length 256 bit.

The company does not store the information about customers’ credit cards.

Protection of Privacy Information

The Company takes all possible measures to ensure confidentiality and security of your personal information, including the organization of a multi-level security system with access rights separation while exchanging information within the Company. The access to personal information of Clients have only those employees who need this information to provide service on your account within the limits of their powers. The Company uses the latest technologies of cryptoprotection and encryption for data storage on specifically dedicated protected remote servers with limited access. Making a payment from a personal account is provided by filling in forms on processing websites through encrypted data channel, such as the SSL protocol.

The Company is not responsible for Client’s personal or financial information disclosure, including access passwords, happened for the reason of negligence or carelessness of the Client.

Transmission of data – To whom we may disclose personal data to

The Company uses Client information only to fulfill the obligations and within the framework of Client agreement. The Company may convey the Client's personal data to:

  • Associated or affiliated companies,
  • Agents,
  • Other authorized organizations or persons, including payment service providers.

The sole purpose of disclosing client personal data to third parties is for processing the Client's trading and non-trading orders. Third parties do not have permission to share or use personal data they receive for any other purpose.

The data disclosed to third parties are the minimum personal data required for them to fulfill their contractual duties.

The Company guarantees that all authorized persons will adhere to the terms of this Policy and take all necessary steps to protect the Client's personal data.

Please note that the Company websites or applications may have links to external third-party websites. Websites operated by third parties are not covered by this privacy notice and they may not comply with European Privacy laws. Therefore the Company urges all clients to please check with each third party as to their privacy practices and procedures, as the Company will not be accountable for their actions.

What is the legal basis of processing client Personal Data

The Company may process Personal data of clients for any purpose described below (“Legal Basis”). The Legal Basis under which data is being processed are:

  • to comply with rules and regulations of the relevant authorities
  • for the performance of a contract or to initiate a contract with the client
  • the Company has the Consent of the client to process the data
  • for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the Company.

If the purpose of processing client data is not one of the above, then the Company is required to acquire the client’s permission for using the data.

Storage of Data and the right to erasure

The Company stores personal information for the purpose of providing services to clients and takes all possible measures to ensure their confidentiality and security.

Clients have the right to request that the Company deletes all personal data about them, held or stored by the Company. However there are legal limitations with regards to these requests and when or whether they can be accepted.

Generally, a client has the right to erasure when they withdraw their consent for processing the data and when the data is no longer required for the services provided to the client.

However, companies offering trading and/or investment services are required to maintain records for non-live accounts for a period of time.

We must keep copies and evidence of:

  • the process of identity verification,
  • source of income and wealth,
  • monitoring of transactions,
  • telephone, chat and email communications,
  • orders and trades history,
  • handling of complaints and
  • any other records showing our internal procedures in following the law and regulations while servicing each client

Rights of the Client

Any client has the right to request and receive their personal data that they provided previously and are held by the Company. They must be in an electronic format commonly used.

However, these rights do not apply in all circumstances as the Company has to meet regulatory obligations regarding the storage of data.

Client rights:

a) To have access to their personal data;

b) To request correction of their personal data;

c) To request information on their personal data is being used;

d) To request erasure of their personal data;

e) To object to further processing of their personal data that is used on the basis of the Company’s legitimate interests. Whether this request is applicable depends on the grounds it is based on and the request may be denied by the Company when there are compelling legitimate grounds to do so.

f) To request restriction of processing of client personal data. This means that processing of the client’s Personal Data will be suspended, but the Company still has permission to store the Personal Data, subject to certain exemptions. Resumption of processing of the Personal Data will require the client’s consent.

g) To request data portability. This is the transfer of the personal data to the client or to a third party chosen by the client, electronically.

h) In cases where consent was given by the client to process their personal data, the client can withdraw consent at any time.

For requests regarding Data Portability, the client may be charged a fee if there are repetitive requests of this nature.

Client Questions and/or Complaints

Clients can contact us at in case of any queries or complaints using email.

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