How STP Works

The use of STP technology seems most beneficial to those that require the rapid execution of orders into the market at competitive prices.

STP Work Scheme
Step 1
SFX Markets Traders
Step 2
SFX ECN Network
Step 3
Prime Brokers
Prices Trades
Liquidity Providers

SFX Markets uses this STP technology exclusively when acting as an intermediary between its clients and market-making liquidity providers that consist of top-tier banks and financial institutions.

In particular, large asset managers, professional traders, scalpers and those engaged in high-frequency algorithmic trading (HFT) activities often prefer to use STP technology to handle their orders.

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Advantages of STP Technology

SFX Markets’ use of STP technology offers a number of significant advantages to its clients that include:

No trading restrictions

No restrictions on the trading methods our clients employ. This means you can use all types of Expert Advisors (EAs), including scalping and HFT algorithms.

No conflict of interest

SFX Markets exclusively processes client orders using STP technology and earns commissions from sending these orders to liquidity providers.

Fast order execution

All of our clients’ orders get forwarded directly to liquidity providers without any delay, which guarantees you the best execution times and prices.
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